After two decades of intensive experimental and theoretical research in quantum science, we have now reached a new era of quantum technologies. Several scenarios have been identified for which quantum information processing outperforms its classical analogue. Moreover, various implementations have demonstrated reliable control and operation of around ten qubits. Despite these efforts and advances, we are still very far away from a full-fledged quantum device mastering several thousand qubits.


 Frontiers of Quantum Information Science

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The Walther group published a new paper in Physical Review A.


The upcoming SFB Meeting will take place on 27 & 28 March 2023 at the Campus of University of Vienna.


Two teams have made photons act as if time were simultaneously flowing in two directions. The experiments demonstrate a way to potentially boost the...


Matteo Rossi from Algorithmiq and Aalto University gave a talk on "Informationally complete generalised quantum measurements for near-term quantum...


Congratulation to Dr. Valeria Saggio for winning the Loschmidt Prize 2022 of the Chemical-Physical Society for her dissertation "Photonic experiments...


This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the Austrian quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger, Emeritus Professor at the University of Vienna.