P15 – Diagnostics of quantum devices

Borivoje Dakic


Tensor networks provide a new paradigm in many body physics by which the entanglement structure of the correlated system may be probed directly. Symmetries, topological phases and the breaking thereof are reflected in the symmetries of local tensors. Such a tensor network description of a quantum many body system or quantum field theory automatically yields a quantum circuit description, from which a quantum computer would be able to simulate such field theories. Conversely, representing entangled states of matter on a quantum computer is tightly linked to the problem of quantum error correction, as it is precisely the nonlocal degrees of freedom which can be exploited to safeguard the individual qubits.


Subproject Leader: Borivoje Dakic

Co-PI: Joshua Morris

PhDs: Miguel Gallego, Sebastian Horvat


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Comment on "Quantum principle of relativity
F.D. Santo and S. Horvat
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