P16 - Networks of trapped-ion quantum processors

Tracy Northup


Just as linking together classical processors in networks allows us to solve problems that could not be solved by one processor, it is expected that networks of quantum processors will be crucial in exploiting the full capabilities of quantum information processing. Our aim in this project is to bring proof-of-principle network demonstrations with trapped-ions closer to practical applications. We will improve the rate at which entanglement can be distributed between remote nodes in a cavity-enhanced trapped-ion network by at least an order of magnitude, by implementing multi-ion superradiant states to enhance the effective coupling strengths between ions and photons, implementing multi-ion decoherence-free subspaces to improve quantum memories, and demonstrating a quantum link efficiency greater than one, corresponding to remote entanglement rates that are faster than decoherence rates.

PI Tracy Northup on
Networks of trapped-ion quantum processors


Subproject Leader: Tracy Northup

Co-PI: Ben Lanyon

Admin: Claudia Mevenkamp

Open Positions:

2 PhD-Positions: for further information, please contact tracy.northup@uibk.ac.at and ben.lanyon@uibk.ac.at