After two decades of intensive experimental and theoretical research in quantum science, we have now reached a new era of quantum technologies. Several scenarios have been identified for which quantum information processing outperforms its classical analogue. Moreover, various implementations have demonstrated reliable control and operation of around ten qubits. Despite these efforts and advances, we are still very far away from a full-fledged quantum device mastering several thousand qubits.


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The University of Innsbruck’s quest for quantum computing has become one facet richer. With the new spin-off “ParityQC”, the scientists want to set...


February 23 - February 29, 2020, Obergurgl, Tirol, Austria

The conference is cosponsored by the Austrian Science Fund FWF via the...


September 3 - September 6 2020, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

The summer school is aimed at young graduate students who want to get...


September 8 – September 11 2020, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

The First Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference is organized by the...


June 28 - July 3 2020, Seefeld, Tyrol, Austria

The workshop is sponsored by the research program SFB BeyondC and the Institute for Theoretical...


February 10 - Feburary 20, 2020, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

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