SFB BeyondC Workshop 2023: Kickoff Meeting 2.0

Location: Aula and Alte Kapelle at Campus of University of Vienna

Date: 27 & 28 March 2023


The aim of this SFB biannual meeting is to set the strategy for the next four years of the SFB and introduce the new upcoming research projects.

We invite all our SFB members, associates and broader network of researchers to present and discuss the latest research achievements and findings in quantum information science.

We will have a poster session, for which we invite contributions for posters on outstanding recent research in quantum information science. Best Poster Award of 200 euros will be granted by the SFB consortium.

In addition to the scientific program, young researchers are welcome to participate in the Young Scientists Soft Skills Workshop (topic TBA), that will takes place on March 28.

Registration closed

Talks & Side Events


  • Norbert Schuch | University of Vienna | Quantum many-body systems and tensor networks for quantum computation
  • Richard Küng | Johannes Kepler Universität Linz | Entanglement as tool in quantum information processing
  • Borivoje Dakić | University of Vienna | Diagnostics of quantum devices
  • Tracy E. Northup | University of Innsbruck | Networks of trapped-ion quantum processors


  • Poster Session
  • Workshop Dinner at Stiegel Ambulanz
  • SFB Women's Breakfast
  • SFB Young Scientists Workshop

SFB Young Scientists Workshop


Dr. Michael G­ordian

...is a trainer and seminar leader, specialised in communication, social skills and creative thinking. Currently, he works with more than 20 universities and international research institutions. He is passionate about travelling, expanding his and other people's minds, juggling and designing new exciting trainings and learning games.

"Master your future job interviews with confidence! You will learn the essential techniques for effective communication and best-practice strategies for job interviews in academia and beyond. We will practice how to generate a positive impression and how to elegantly highlight your achievements and expertise, standing out from other applicants. We will also discuss how to prepare effectively for your next interview and how to deal with anxiety. See you at the workshop!"