P09 - Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions

Thomas Monz


The long-term goals and visions of our project are to (i) push towards the demonstration of a fully-functional quantum processor beyond 30 qubits; (ii) develop and implement characterization, verification and validation (CVV) routines to certify quantum performance beyond classical capabilities; (iii) implement novel ideas for demonstrating a quantum advantage; and (iv) realize experiments that show-case QC for industrial applications. For the goals outlined above, the first four years will be dedicated to exploring scaling ion-trap quantum computing, CVV beyond a ten-qubit quantum processor, demonstration of a computational quantum speed-up, and the implementation of various quantum algorithms.

PI Thomas Monz on
Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions


Subproject Leader: Thomas Monz

Co-PI: Tracy Northup, Philipp Schindler

PostDoc: Martin Ringbauer, Pavel Hrmo

PhD students: Maria Galli, Roman Stricker

Admin: Patricia Moser, Claudia Mevenkamp


Entangling logical qubits with lattice surgery
A. Erhard, H. Poulsen Nautrup, M. Meth, L. Postler, R. Stricker, M. Stadler, V. Negnevitsky, M. Ringbauer, P. Schindler, H. J. Briegel, R. Blatt, N. Friis, T. Monz
Nature 589, 220-224 (2021)

Probing surface charge densities on optical fibers with a trapped ion
F. R. Ong, K. Schüpper, P. Jobez, M. Teller, B. Ames, D. A. Fioretto, K. Friebe, M. Lee, Y. Colombe, R. Blatt, T. E. Northup
New J. Phys. 22 063018 (2020)

Indistinguishable photons from a trapped-ion quantum network node
M. Meraner, A. Mazloom, V. Krutyanskiy, V. Krcmarsky, J. Schupp, D. Fioretto, P. Sekatski, T. E. Northup, N. Sangouard, B. P. Lanyon
Phys. Rev. A 102, 052614 (2020)
arXiv:1912.09259] [quant-ph]

Efficient ion-photon qubit SWAP gate in realistic ion cavity-QED systems without strong coupling
A. Borne, T. E. Northup, R. Blatt, B. Dayan
[arXiv:1902.03469] [quant-ph] (2019)

Cross-verification of independent quantum devices
C. Greganti, T. F. Demarie, M. Ringbauer, J. A. Jones, V. Saggio, I. A. Calafell, L. A. Rozema, A. Erhard, M. Meth, L. Postler, R. Stricker, P. Schindler, R. Blatt, T. Monz, P. Walther, J. F. Fitzsimons
[arXiv:1905.09790] [quant-ph] (2019)