BeyondC Publications


2021 Publications

  • A. Erhard, H. Poulsen Nautrup, M. Meth, L. Postler, R. Stricker, M. Stadler, V. Negnevitsky, M. Ringbauer, P. Schindler, H. J. Briegel, R. Blatt, N. Friis, T. Monz. (2021). Entangling logical qubits with lattice surgery. Nature 589.
  • S. Horvat, B. Dakić. (2021). Interference as an information-theoretic gamesQuantum 5, 404.
  • Rubino, L. A. Rozema, D. Ebler, H. Kristjánsson, S. Salek, P. A. Guérin, A. A. Abbott, C. Branciard, Č. Brukner, G. Chiribella, P. Walther. (2021). Experimental quantum communication enhancement by superposing trajectories. Phys. Rev. Research 3, 013093.
  • V. Saggio, B.E. Asenbeck, A. Hamann, T. Strömberg, P. Schiansky, V. Dunjko, N. Friis, N.C. Harris, M. Hochberg, D. Englund, S. Wölk, H. J. Briegel, P. Walther. (2021). Experimental quantum speed-up in reinforcement learning agents. Nature 591, 229–233.

2020 Publications

2019 Publications

  • A. Borne, T. E. Northup, R. Blatt, B. Dayan. (2019). Efficient ion-photon qubit SWAP gate in realistic ion cavity-QED systems without strong coupling. [arXiv:1902.03469]
  • J. Bavaresco, M. Araujo, Č. Brukner, M.T. Quintino. (2019). Semi-device-independent certification of indefinite causal order. QUANTUM, 3, 176. [arXiv:1903.10526]
  • I. Alonso Calafell, J. D. Cox, M. Radonjic, J. R. M. Saavedra, F. J. Garcia de Abajo, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther. (2019). Quantum computing with graphene plasmons. Npj Quantum Information, 5, 37.
  • I. Alonso Calafell, T. Strömberg, D. R. M. Arvidsson-Shukur, L. A. Rozema, V. Saggio, C. Greganti, N. C. Harris, M. Prabhu, J. Carolan, M. Hochberg, T. Baehr-Jones, D. Englund, C. H. W. Barnes, P. Walther. (2019). Trace-free counterfactual communication with a nanophotonic processor. Npj Quantum Information, 5, 61.
  • J. Clausen, W. L. Boyajian, Lea M. Trenkwalder, V. Dunjko, and H. J. Briegel. (2019). On the convergence of projective-simulation-based reinforcement learning in Markov decision processes. [arXiv:1010.11914]
  • C. Dlaska, L. M. Sieberer, W. Lechner. (2019). Designing ground states of Hopfield networks for quantum state preparation. Physical Review A, 99, 032342. [arXiv:1811.09455]
  • F. Flamini, A. Hamann, S. Jerbi, L. M. Trenkwalder, H. Poulsen Nautrup, and  H. J. Briegel. (2019). Photonic architecture for reinforcement learning. [arXiv:1907.07503]
  • C. Greganti, T. F. Demarie, M. Ringbauer, J. A. Jones, V. Saggio, I. A. Calafell, L. A. Rozema, A. Erhard, M. Meth, L. Postler, R. Stricker, P. Schindler, R. Blatt, T. Monz, P. Walther, J. F. Fitzsimons. (2019). Cross-verification of independent quantum devices. [arXiv:1905.09790]
  • P. A. Guerin, G. Rubino, Č. Brukner. (2019). Communication through quantum-controlled noise. Physical Review A, 99, 062317. [arXiv:1812.06848]
  • A. Hartmann, W. Lechner. (2019). Quantum phase transition with inhomogeneous driving in the Lechner-Hauke-Zoller model. Physical Review A, 100, 032110. [arXiv:1906.11459]
  • A. Hartmann, W. Lechner. (2019). Rapid counter-diabatic sweeps in lattice gauge adiabatic quantum computing. New Journal of Physics, 21, 043025. [arXiv:1807.02053 ]
  • M. Hebenstreit, M. Englbrecht, C. Spee, J. I. de Vicente, B. Kraus. (2019). Measurement outcomes that do not occur and their role in entanglement transformations. [arXiv:1911.00004]
  • M. Hebenstreit, R. Jozsa, B. Kraus, S. Strelchuk, M. Yoganathan. (2019). All Pure Fermionic Non-Gaussian States Are Magic States for Matchgate Computations. Physical Review Letters, 123, 080503. [arXiv:1905.08584]
  • S. Jerbi, H. Poulsen Nautrup, L. M. Trenkwalder, H. J. Briegel, V. Dunjko. (2019). A framework for deep energy-based reinforcement learning with quantum speed-up. [arXiv:1910.12760]
  • F. Massa, A. Moqanaki, Ä. Baumeler, F. Del Santo, J. A. Kettlewell, B. Dakić, P. Walther. (2019). Experimental Two‐Way Communication with One Photon. Advanced Quantum Technologies, 2(11), 1900050. [arXiv:1802.05102]
  • A. R. Rueda Sanchez, W.J. Hease, S. Barzanjeh, J.M. Fink. (2019). Electro-optic entanglement source for microwave to telecom quantum state transfer. Npj Quantum Information, 5, 108. [arXiv:1909.01470]
  • D. Sauerwein, A. Molnar, J. I. Cirac, B. Kraus. (2019). Matrix Product States: Entanglement, symmetries, and state transformations. Physical Review Letters, 123, 170504. [arXiv:1901.07448]
  • O. Słowik, M. Hebenstreit, B. Kraus, A. Sawicki. (2019). A link between symmetries of critical states and the structure of SLOCC classes in multipartite systems. [arXiv:1912.00099]
  • V. Saggio, A. Dimić, C. Greganti, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther, B. Dakić. (2019). Experimental few-copy multipartite entanglement detection. Nature Physics, 15, 935–940. [arXiv:1809.05455]
  • V. Torggler, P. Aumann, H. Ritsch, W. Lechner. (2019). A Quantum N-Queens Solver. QUANTUM, 3, 149. [arXiv:1803.00735]