P07 - Entanglement as Tool in Quantum Information Processing

Richard Küng


Recent years have seen the advent of actual medium-scale quantum processors and simulators (also within the SFB). Although traditional milestone goals -- like Shor, HHL and Grover -- are still beyond reach, the first quantum-classical hybrid algorithms are becoming a reality. This new era of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) comes with new opportunities, but also new challenges.
In this subproject, we use mathematical tools from quantum information processing and entanglement theory to overcome NISQ challenges and unlock new applications.
We put a particular emphasis on the development of new quantum algorithms for NISQ devices (objective 1) and scalable verification protocols and benchmarking techniques (objective 2). In addition, we study the relation of entanglement with other important quantum resource parameters, develop new entanglement detection techniques and use these to further empower hybrid algorithms (objective 3).
To achieve these ambitious goals, we collaborate closely with other teams within the SFB, as well as the group of Barbara Kraus from TU Munich.


Subproject Leader: Richard Küng

CoPI: Johannes Kofler

Admin: Doris Nikolaus