Childcare Possibilities

Within SFB BeyondC we want to ensure a family-friendly working environment. We have established policies and procedures to facilitate the achievement of a work-life balance of all members of the SFB.

  • The meetings within the research groups will be scheduled to fit the needs of young parents.
  • We will devote €1000 per year to support our SFB young families in covering the additional travel and accommodation costs for accompanying children during research visits or conferences. For more information, please contact
  • All of the involved institutions provide several types of childcare support for their employees’ and students’ families and thus to all SFB members.

For example: All Max-Planck institutes are certified as family-friendly institutions; The Children’s office at the University of Innsbruck offers, among other possibilities, childcare during summer and other school holidays; IST Austria runs the child care center Froschkönig on campus; the programme “Flying Nanny” at University of Vienna offers support that is flexible in time and place during congresses, meetings, seminars, events, etc.

For more childcare possibilities at each institute: