P06 - Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Simulation with Superconducting Quantum Circuits

Gerhard Kirchmair


Superconducting qubits have proven to be a prime candidate for the implementation of precisely controlled, complex quantum systems. These systems have demonstrated coherence times more than three orders of magnitude larger than the gate operation time, created multi-qubit entangled states with up to 10 qubits, implemented simple quantum algorithms and shown proof of principle error correction.

The long-term goals and visions of BeyondC is to (i) increase the capabilities of our quantum simulation platform (ii) implement characterization, verification and validation (CVV) routines to proof quantum operation beyond classical capabilities (iii) encoding of quantum information in multidimensional Hilbert spaces; (iv) show-case the viability of using a superconducting quantum system for quantum enhanced machine learning.


Subproject Leader: Gerhard Kirchmair

PostDoc: Romain Albert

PhDs: Ian Yang, Vasilisa Usova

Admins: Claudia Mevenkamp, Elke Wölflmaier