Building a bridge to the quantum world


Congratulations to Richard Küng (Johannes Kepler University of Linz) who will receive the 2023 FWF START Award.

Unlike conventional computers, quantum computers are based on the strange effects of quantum physics, such as allowing systems to assume different states simultaneously. But there is huge gap between the quantum realm and the everyday world. Quantum computer scientist Richard Küng wants to bridge this gap.

Richard Küng works at the interface where computer science and quantum physics meet. With his research, he wants to crack the still unsolved problem of making data from the quantum world accessible to artificial intelligences.

Interview by Dorian Schiffer: scilog by FWF

FWF press release: FWF START Awards

Pic: Richard Küng

Richard Küng / Institute for Integrated Circuits, University of Linz

Source: JKU