P09 - Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions

Thomas Monz


The long-term goals and visions of our project are to (i) push towards the demonstration of a fully-functional quantum processor beyond 30 qubits; (ii) develop and implement characterization, verification and validation (CVV) routines to certify quantum performance beyond classical capabilities; (iii) implement novel ideas for demonstrating a quantum advantage; and (iv) realize experiments that show-case QC for industrial applications. For the goals outlined above, the first four years will be dedicated to exploring scaling ion-trap quantum computing, CVV beyond a ten-qubit quantum processor, demonstration of a computational quantum speed-up, and the implementation of various quantum algorithms.


Subproject Leader: Thomas Monz

Co-PI: Rainer Blatt, Tracy Northup, Philipp Schindler

PostDoc: Martin Ringbauer, Pavel Hrmo

PhD students: Maria Galli, Roman Stricker