The Dakic-Group has published a new paper in PRX QUANTUM!


Sample-Efficient Device-Independent Quantum State Verification and Certification.

Correct and reliable operation of quantum devices is one of the most important milestones to be achieved for practical applications of quantum technologies. At the current state of the art, this is a difficult task due to various practical shortcomings such as noise and decoherence, and the lack of perfect control and manipulation. A reliable verification theory that fully captures these effects is still under development.

In the new work published in PRX QUANTUM, our team has developed a new verification and certification technique that achieves optimal efficiency in a device-independent regime without the usual assumptions about trusted devices and measurements.

The popular summary of the results can be found on the journal's website:


A. Gočanin, I. Šupić, and B. Dakić, Sample-Efficient Device-Independent Quantum State Verification and Certification, PRX Quantum 3, 010317, 2022, DOI:  

Protocol for quantum state certification. In quantum state certification a part of the sample is measured, and if

verified, the rest of the sample is certified to be (or not) close to the target state.