P07 - Entanglement as Tool in Quantum Information Processing

Barbara Kraus


Entanglement is a powerful resource in many applications of quantum processors. We will establish a novel insight into these intriguing correlations of multipartite systems by considering particular quantum informational tasks and analysing the entanglement required to achieve them. In particular, a deeper understanding of quantum computation and simulation is aimed for, with special emphasis on compressed quantum computation. On the one hand, this will allow us to identify quantum processes with the potential to outperform any classical device.

On the other, it will reveal features of multipartite entanglement that are responsible for the power of quantum processors. As a crucial task for the development of quantum processors is the accurate estimation of errors, we will propose new methods and tools for their assessment. Validating circuits will be put forward, and the usage of entangled states towards this task will be analyzed. Furthermore, new
application of small to medium-sized multipartite entangled states, which are
particularly suited for the experiments exploited by the SFB consortium,
will be identified.


Subproject Leader: Barbara Kraus

PostDoc: Jose Carrasco

Admin: David Spiegl

Open Positions:

1. PhD-Position:
- for further information please write to barbara.kraus@uibk.ac.at