Seminars/Lectures at UIBK

Spring Semester 2020

(last updated: 13.02.2020)

On this page you can find a list of lectures and seminars at University of Innsbruck. For more spring/summer courses at UIBK Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics click here.

NB! Please double check the start dates via links to course pages.

Lectures/Seminars by the SFB BeyondC members are in bold.

Start Date
VU Methods and Concepts of Quantum InformationLecture-practical course Kraus Barbara402.03.2020
SE Seminar (Q): Quantum Information SS20SeminarBriegel Hans J.504.03.2020
VO Special Course 2: Many-BodyPhysics with Cold AtomsLectureSieberer Lukas304.03.2020
SE Seminar (Q): solid state physics SS20SeminarLäuchli Herzig Andreas Martin502.03.2020
SE Seminar (Q): Quantum Optics SS20 SeminarZoller Peter5TBD
SE Seminar (Q): Quantum Nanophysics SS20 SeminarRomero-Isart Oriol5TBD
SE Seminar (I): Theoretical biophysics and nanophysics SS20 SeminarFranosch Thomas505.03.2020
SE Photons and Atoms 2SeminarRomero-Isart Oriol4TBD
VO Quantum Physics II LectureBaranov Mikhail604.03.2020
PS Quantum Physics IIProseminarCasulleras Guàrdia Sílvia, Ender Kilian 4TBD
VO Theoretical Quantum OpticsLectureZoller Peter4,5TBD
PS Theoretical Quantum Optics and Information ProseminarSieberer Lukas3TBD
PS Mechanics of Continua and Theoretical Plasma Physics ProseminarKendl Alexander302.03.2020
VU Computer simulations in Statistical Physics Lecture-practical courseFranosch Thomas, Jung Gerhard, Schrack Lukas1003.03.2020
VO Nanooptics LectureRomero-Isart Oriol503.03.2020
VO Introduction to Quantum Field Theory SS20 LectureLäuchli Herzig Andreas Martin306.03.2020
SE Institute Seminar: Modern Developments in Theroretical Physics SeminarRitsch Helmut, Romero-Isart Oriol104.03.2020
SE Quantum Information - current literature SS20SeminarDür Wolfgang, Kraus Barbara303.03.2020
SE Quantum computing, control and learningSeminarRied Katja
SE Seminar (Q): Hohlraum QE SS20SeminarRitsch Helmut505.03.2020
VO Mechanics of Continua and Theoretical Plasma PhysicsLectureKendl Alexander4.502.03.2020