Quantum computing start-up ParityQC and NEC launch collaboration


The start-up ParityQC has developed an operating system for quantum computers.

The Japanese electronics company NEC is working with the spin-off company ParityQC on a quantum computer approach that will make it easier to solve optimization problems in logistics, for example, or in other economic and scientific fields.

In the future, quantum computers should be able to solve complex optimisation problems from business and science faster and more efficiently than conventional computers - this includes, for example, the optimisation of logistics routes, financial portfolios and production planning.

The spin-off ParityQC has a strong connection to the research group of Wolfgang Lechner at the University of Innsbruck. The connection to the SFB BeyondC is crucially important for ParityQC as the goal of developing quantum computers that go beyond classical capabilities is a main driving force for the spin-off.

For more about the collaboration, read the story from Der Standard (in German).


Foto: NEC/ParityQC